Advisory Services

Tired of working hard and earning less?
Let us help you get a clear picture of your Business’s Financial Health

Our Business Advisory Reports provide the perfect foundation for a business performance counseling session to help your business grow and be profitable.

We address:

          • Liquidity – Can you meet your obligations as they come due? Do you annually budget for expected & unexpected cash requirements?
          • Gross Profit and Net Profit – Are these trends favorable? How do they compare to your peers in the industry?
          • Sales – Are they growing and are you satisfied with their levels? Have you established sales goals for next year?
          • Borrowing – Is it costing you more than it should?
          • Assets – Are they being used effectively to generate a strong return on your investment?
          • Employees – Are you hiring effectively and getting the most out of your workforce?

“As accountants and business consultants, we have found that these are realistic questions business owners must get the answers to so that their business can operate at its peak efficiency”.

– James Diapoules, CPA
– Partner at Diapoules & Feinstein CPAs P.C