The greatest indication of our history of success and track record lies in not what we can say about our firm, but the words of our clients.


“I am a new client. My former CPA was never available and was not on top of the financial issues my small law firm has encountered during this Pandemic. Marvin and all the people in his office have been tremendous! He “gets it” and explains the issues really well. The client portal works.”

Barton Slavin

“I read the IRS letter dated Nov 27, 2020 indicating they approved the request to remove the penalties and would like to thank you for your assistance and support throughout this process. While it has taken longer than initially discussed due to various Government-related issues, your feedback during this time was valuable.

Again, thank you for your help”.

Patricia Medina


“Marvin is the ultimate professional, with expertise second to none. If you have any questions regarding your personal or business taxes, I highly recommend speaking with Marvin. He has a unique way of simplifying complex tax issues so someone with very little tax knowledge like myself can follow along step-by-step. He has an incredible command of the tax code and is completely up-to-date almost on a minute by minute basis, regarding PPP repayment and forgiveness procedures. On top of all that he’s a great guy. Thanks for all your help Marvin!!”

                                                                   Brett Cotter

Individual Tax and Finance

Let me count the ways Diapoules & Feinstein CPAs P.C., in particular Marvin Feinstein, has helped me through a terrible financial mess that came from mistakes made by my previous accountant and financial advisor. These mistakes resulted in great financial penalties and taxes with IRS to rectify this situation, Marvin reviewed and amended six years of tax records. He directed me to a tax lawyer who represented me with IRS. Marvin discovered how I could recover the funds that were improperly reported. Marvin guided my son and me through every step that we had to take to straighten out the paperwork and reporting to the IRS. He showed such kindness, compassion , expertise and patience throughout the whole process. The pressure of all these financial problems really impacted my health and well being on a daily basis. Marvin handled everything with such diligence and expertise. It made such a difference in my life. His whole staff follows his leadership and have always been courteous and professionally excellent. It takes a long time to rectify mistakes made with IRS. Marvin succeeded in getting us favorable resolutions and refunds.

I don’t have enough words of praise and gratitude for all that they done for my family.

Margret Rappaport

Limousine Service

Diapoules and Feinstein CPA’s PC have been our accounting firm for many years now.  We are very pleased with the service they provide, they are very knowledgeable in all our needs. Marvin and Joey were very helpful in submitting our applications for the SBA loans during this Coronavirus outbreak and we are extremely thankful to them for all the effort they put forth for our company, We highly recommend them for any accounting or tax related assistance you may require. This firm has friendly and professional staff members that are ready and willing to help you in any way they can. Marvin and Joey are considered our best and most trusted advisors.

                                                                     Ben’s Luxury Car & Limousine Service, Inc.

                                                                                                                Pinhas Gadi and Staff


Diapoules and Feinstein CPAs PC helped me cut through the banks’ bureaucratic processing of the 2020 Coronavirus Stimulus Program. If not for Marvin Feinstein’s diligence and perseverance, I might never have received any funds at all. His speedy and concentrated efforts were instrumental in getting me approved within hours of submitting my application to the SBA. Aside from this monumental accomplishment, Marvin is a very knowledgeable CPA who often offers has great ideas for me to implement in my business. He is honest and really cares about the success of his clients.

                                                                           Gary Welikson, President G and G Garments, NYC

Rental and Commerical Real Estate

Diapoules & Feinstein CPAs P.C. have been the accountants for our various family businesses since 1989. Jim and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and always eager to assist us. Besides handling our business matters very professionally, they have also been very instrumental in our family’s estate planning and the administration of my parents’ estate. We consider them to be our most trusted advisors.

Vivian Negrin, VP Secretary
American Fixture & Display Corp. et al

Bonded Storage, Trucking, Courier

I have been working with Diapoules & Feinstein CPAs P.C. for over 15 years. They have always been helpful, courteous and very attentive to our needs. They went beyond the norm to help us recover from our losses after 9/11 and Sandy. While my business has had many ups and downs. I have always counted on Jim Diapoules and his staff to come through when needed. Their assistance has been invaluable in helping us navigate the economic consequences of our changing industry and tough economic times. We truly value their advice and opinion and highly recommend that they become your accountants.

Yours Truly,
Gary Demsak
GFD Courier Corporation

Plastic Surgeon

Jim Diapoules and Diapoules & Feinstein CPAs P.c. have been our accountants for over 25 years. In our dealings with them we have always been treated as if we were family. Jim and his staff’s help was invaluable when I was operating a successful plastic surgery practice and also in my later ventures. As an example, despite our anxiety, they calmly guided us through two IRS audits that resulted in no additional tax due.
Everyone at Diapoules & Feinstein has always been helpful, friendly and ready to assist us in any matter that may have concerned us. I don’t believe that you could find a more knowledgeable group of accountants. I highly recommend them for any accounting or tax related issues that you may have.

James E.C. Norris, MD

Plastic Surgeon Practice

I first met Marvin Feinstein at a financial meeting in New York City when I was starting my medical practice. It was a great seminar and the beginning of the most important financial relationship of my life.

Before I met Marvin I had an accountant that seemed disinterested in my professional practice and the result was a major problem with the IRS. At Diapoules and Feinstein my experience was totally different. They cared about my success. Marvin did not shy away from a client with a complex financial situation; he embraced the challenge. Through his financial advice, his fund of knowledge, and his business savvy I was able to solve my tax problems and build a million dollar medical practice.

Simply said, the care and service that you will receive at Diapoules and Feinstein is outstanding and I believe that they exemplify the best in the business!

C. Duncan Burnett, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


In 2009, our accountant passed away. We then retained Diapoules & Feinstein as our accounting firm. They stepped in and quickly learned our business and the transfer was seamless. They subsequently advised us on our business’ move to Avenel New Jersey from Brooklyn. To save taxes on the gain from the sale of our building we did a like kind exchange of our property. Since they were experienced in like kind exchanges, they worked well with the attorneys and the bank in completing the complicated transaction. In fact, our bank loan officer told me that he was impressed with their work and that Marvin was very thorough and responded quickly to any question he had. When we upgraded our accounting system, Marvin and his staff have been very helpful and have shown a great deal of patience during our training. We always rely on their accounting and tax expertise for good advice. My husband and I highly recommend Diapoules & Feinstein to any business owner.

Frieda Laufer, VP
R. L. Plastics, Inc
R. L. Plastics & Sons, Inc.



I know the pressure you are under right now. I know that it is the same every year. But I want you to take a breath and read this email carefully.

You did a terrific  job on all of the tax filings this year. Like a fine doctor, you are both an expert in your specialty and you have terrific bedside manner. It has been a very challenging time for me because of the fraud that I was victimized by. Having a support team around me that is as professional and excellent in their departments as you and your team are, is indispensable.

Please share my gratitude with your team. Amy and I are very grateful to you for taking responsibility for our accounting needs.

Best wishes,

Ben Sprecher