To our clients: We at DFCPA applaud you

We at Diapoules & Feinstein CPAs P.C. want to applaud all of our clients for their determination & courage in these trying times.

All of us at D&F are committed to ensuring that you have success in your future.

If we stick together, we will survive and prosper together.

Now, in the words of one our client;

“Diapoules and Feinstein CPAs PC helped me cut through the banks’ bureaucratic processing of the 2020 Coronavirus Stimulus Program. If not for Marvin Feinsteins’ diligence and perseverance, I might never have received any funds at all. His speedy and concentrated efforts were instrumental in getting me approved within hours of submitting my application to the SBA. Aside from this monumental accomplishment, Marvin is a very knowledgeable CPA who often offers has great ideas for me to implement in my business. He is honest and really cares about the success of his clients.”

  • Gary Welikson, President G and G Garments, NYC