The IRS and partners in the Security Summit effort on January 17 warned that the upcoming tax season could bring a “new surge” in the Form W-2 phishing scam.

The Form W-2 scam has emerged as one of the most dangerous phishing emails in the tax community. The scam involves cyber-criminals tricking payroll personnel or people with access to payroll information into disclosing sensitive information for entire workforces.

Businesses, public schools, universities, hospitals tribal governments and charities have all been targeted. Reports of the scam first emerged in 2016 when approximately 100 were received by the IRS. A year later, the number of reports hit 900 with more than 200 employers being victimized.

“By alerting employers now, the IRS and its partners in the Security Summit effort hope to limit the success of this scam in 2018”, the agency said, adding that “IRS last year also created a new process by which employers should report these scams.”

For important details and a link to report the phishing scam to IRS, go to: