Your Most Trusted Advisors

Yesterday a client made me realize how much a CPA needs to know and is responsible for. She graciously said that you need to be a special person to do the kind of work that we do.

I came to realize that Marvin and I have both been working in the field of accounting for better than 30 years and have accumulated plenty of useful and not so useful knowledge over the years.

Everyone needs to take advantage of the build up knowledge that their CPA possesses. They have just about seen it all, and they are your most trusted advisor. As we stated in our previous blog, the first person that needs to be advised if you are contemplating a divorce is your CPA. You will also need a CPA’s advice when it comes to business and investment planning, estate planning and elder care issues to name a few.

If you have any of the above issues, please feel free to give us a ring or drop us a note.