Brexit Reactions

Stock Markets around the world have been hit hard, but what should an individual investor do?

We like to follow Warren Buffet’s Strategy which is to invest in Quality Stocks and be in the market for the long haul.

The Doomsday-sayers have it wrong, while the markets are still down as a reaction to the passage of the UK’s referendum to leave the European Union. A nice rebound occurred over the last two days, those who panicked and sold out have been the big losers.

A well balanced portfolio containing blue chip common and preferred stocks mixed in with some alternate investments such as REITS and stock and commodity ETF’s is the best defense in a time of high volatility. Be certain that your portfolio contains defensive(i.e. Consumer Staples) and utility stocks. If all else fails you will still be getting a nice return from their dividends.

Remember, take a deep breathe, don’t panic and always think about the long term.