Web Scams

Our Client is a tech company that deals with international companies located throughout the world. As such payments to and from his company must be done via wire transfer. These transactions are often in the six figures therefore making these transfers in a secure fashion was a priority.


Like all clients his computer system was protected and monitored by a third party. However scammers can delete any protection. Someone most likely from China, actually programmed a website to virtually mimic CitiBank webpage and was able to obtain his personal information such as security questions, passwords and emails.

Simply put, a hacker found a way to gain access to our clients’ computer, through a vector probably disguised as some ad or email, then programed the computer to re-direct automatically to a website which was 99% identical to CitiBank. After being made aware by the bank of what was happening, money had been drained from our client’s bank account, and because this was an international matter that occurred in China.

It was an arduous task to recover the money, in the meantime he was out the use of his funds until it was rectified. It’s important to understand that every computer that operates on the internet is vulnerable to attacks like this. He now uses a separate computer that is used only to affect all of his banking transactions.